Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Lets start at the beginning.

Who or what is Brick-Chan, where did it all start and where will it all end?!

A good place to begin is to talk about where things are as I write this post. Brickchan.com has launched and the social media accounts at Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are running along well.

Brick-Chan has evolved from a rekindling of a long lost passion for Lego, into a full blown obsession for finding and showcasing Brick Brands from around the world.

25 Years ago I ending my passion for Lego building. My once precious brick pieces were poured into a crate and packed away into the attic of my parents house. Here they lay dormant and undisturbed for the next 2 decades. By this time I was a full grown adult with a business to run, a mortgage to pay and kids of my own. The time was ripe to visit nostalgia lane, to unpack some of my once prized toys and show the next generation what they were missing out on.

First out of the vault was the box of Britain 's Farm Toys, a score! Next was my very first home computer the mighty Amiga 500(+), awesome! Then onto the main event my most treasured possession; a huge 3 feet x 4 feet crate of Lego; full to the brim, overflowing with plastic goodness.

The brick obsession spread to other younger members of the family; my mission was complete! Under the guise of  kids birthdays and Christmas I had the excuse to buy more new Lego sets, but things had changed. The challenge had gone, instructions were too simple and we now have specialist parts for every situation. Sure the new colors you can get are beautiful, and shiny new plastic is something everyone loves, but it was never about that. Lego was all about the creativity and problem solving.

From here I stay away from all but the most impressive interesting sets and focus on creating my own experience. I would search for bricks to make my own creations (MOC), hunt for MODs and alternative builds. My search has lead me far and wide, Norway to Denmark, Korea to China, Japan to America and beyond. You know what I found? I found brick enlightenment; Lego wasn't the only option. There are hundreds of other Brands out there, some good some bad and some breaking the rules.

I work on strict principals, find the best brands that enhance the Lego Brick Building experience and bring them to BrickChan.com for everyone to enjoy.

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