Monday, 7 October 2019

LEGO Group Shuts Down 3D Printing!

BREAKING NEWS! LEGO Group issues Take-Down Notice on 3D .STL Sharing Sites.

LEGO has reportedly issues several take-down notices to freeware 3D Printing sites. The notice from what we can currently work out covers clone bricks and also anything that imply's the description of  being LEGO.

From what we can gather this is a global blanket take-down notice and will include any file that has or contains the description of being compatible with, copied from or being just like LEGO. As we can  imagine that this is a lot of files!

This seems to be the LEGO Group enforcing its brand identity on copycat products and descriptions.

The LEGO patents on Bricks expired a long time ago and they have no copyright over modded or MOC pieces, so we can only assume that this is relating to the use of the term LEGO. The LEGO Group has very strict usage for its company logo and brand name. I can totally understand the Group not wanting their good name applied to any old plastic brick creation.

I'm sure in time the .STL files from the 3D printing sites will reappear, albeit with new descriptions and search tags. This is very similar to several YOUTUBE take-down notices LEGO issued in the past couple of years. Even the mighty JangBricks was ordered to take down any and all LEGO Star Wars videos from his channel.

Sad times indeed for LEGO AFOLs, we grew up with a happy picture of the LEGO Brand in our heads. Now, it is slowly becoming clear just how powerful the LEGO Company is and how far it is willing to go to protect itself.

Please LEGO don't upset the fan base! Play nice!

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